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We Provide Carpet Stretching In Conyers, GA

 Many people do not think of carpet stretching in Conyers, GA when they clean their carpets themselves, or have a professional to clean it, but it does occur from time to time, when carpet begin to rip and tear. As a part of our professional service package that we often offer our customers, we do offer this service as a part of that package. Carpets often bunch up and begin to ripple on the floor, and this can occur when heavy things such as furniture being moved is damages it. We will stretch your carpet for you immediately once the problem has been detected, as if it is not attended to when first noticed, it may cause many other problems, and more rippling of the carpet.

Carpet stretching in Conyers, GA can save our customers a lot of money, and from having to replace the carpet altogether. We can do this stretching process through pulling ends of the carpet across the floor until it becomes taut. Our trained licensed staff will cut off any excess pieces of carpet, and then secure it to where it will not ripple anymore. We will provide our own tools to work with, and we will not need anything from the customer during this process. The process is usually done with a blade knife, and we do practice safety in your home, and our power stretcher is the most important tool that we use, besides a staple gun, that helps secure the carpet to the floor. When your carpet is in need of being stretched, please call on us, we would rather do the job for you, than you try it yourself and damage your carpet forever. Let us take care of your carpet stretching in Conyers, GA for you.


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