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Our Fantastic McDonough, GA Flood Damage Removal Cleanup Services

 For more than 25 years we have been serving commercial and residential customers in the McDonough, GA, area with superior products and techniques designed for health, safety and cleanliness. These professionals specialize in making certain that carpets and upholstery are allergen-free, sanitized and properly groomed.

If your property has become flooded, the experts at Top Notch Carpet Care can perform McDonough, GA flood damage removal services for you. It is imperative that you contact the office as soon as you discover the damage. If the area has had a slow leak for some time, you may have considerable rot underway. No matter when you discover the flooded area, call and arrange for a consultation.

While you may be tempted to clean the flooded area yourself, this is a mistake that many homeowners regret after doing so. One vital aspect of proper flood damage removal is extracting all of the water that is trapped in the carpet, walls and furnishings. Depending upon the depth of the water and how much area was covered, this could translate into a considerable amount. However, even lesser amounts can become trapped in carpet and other fibers, creating a breeding ground for microscopic pests and weakening the structural integrity of the carpet fibers.

In addition to having professionally powered water extraction systems and the skills to use them properly, the team is also trained to assess what items have been damaged to the extent that removal is necessary. Depending upon the cause of the flood, the amount of time water stood, and the construction materials for carpeting, furnishings and other damaged items, there may be quite a bit that is unable to be safely salvaged. Use our McDonough, GA flood damage removal services to ensure the job is done properly.


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