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Call Top Notch Carpet Care 404-993-4101 for the best carpet cleaning in McDonough GA.  Top Notch Carpet Care doesn’t just clean your carpet we remove color stains, repair bleach damage, and stretch your carpets.

Many people in McDonough GA are familiar with carpet cleaning.  Whether they maintain their carpets are a different story.   There are many carpet cleaning companies in McDonough GA, but most don’t provide carpet restoration.   Since most homeowners don’t receive carpet cleaning on a regular maintenance program, heavy soiling builds up, which shortens the life of the carpet.   These carpets don’t need carpet cleaning they need carpet restoration.  What is carpet restoration, you ask.  Carpet restoration is restoring your carpet back to its new look that it once had before years of wear and tear made it look dingy and old.  Regular carpet cleaning only cleans the top fibers of the carpet, but when carpet has been neglected, carpets must be cleaned deep down to the backing of the carpet. Carpet that have not been cleaned in years and has high traffic will need to be restored.  Top Notch Carpet Care are the experts ready to rescue you carpets.

When we clean carpets in McDonough GA many of our clients have pets.  Carpets with pet urine stains will have to be restored.  Unfortunately, once pet urine is on carpet it voids the manufacturer’s warranty.  But the urine can be removed with the professional carpet restoring services of Top Notch Carpet Care.  We have several restorative methods to remove the pet odor and stains.  Regular carpet cleaning will not fix the odor caused by pet urine; it might make the smell even worse.  So make sure that you call Top Notch Carpet Care to get the job done right the first time.

 Carpet with rips, lumps, burns, and red drink stains will have to be restored.  Don’t replace carpet that has permanent stains or damage to carpet fibers.  Call Top Notch Carpet Care to restore you carpet.  Color stains have a dye in them that prevents the stain from being removed with a cleaning.  Special professional techniques must be performed to remove these stains.   Top Notch will remove those stains and repair damage carpet saving you thousands of dollars.  The humps and lumps in your carpet are caused by bad installation.  We use proper stretching equipment that will permanently fix your carpet.  Guaranteed.

Once you have met TOP NOTCH CARPET CARE IN MCDONOUGH GA your search is over for Carpet Cleaning in McDonough GA.  We will give you THE MOST THOROUGH CARPET CLEANING YOU HAVE EVER HAD, GUARANTEED.  Call us now 404-993-4101.